What to Use CCTV For?

There are hundreds of millions of CCTV cameras all over the world today. Many of them are in places like China, Canada, United States, and other regions. These cameras are a part of both public and private security systems. The CCTV cameras are able to catch a wide range of activity of daily life and have been able to record a variety of incredible events up until today. The very first camera was installed many years ago and now it has grown in tremendous popularity to having more than 300 million of them all over the world. The majority of them are also installed around Asia, at least 60 percent of the cameras or more.

The CCTV stands for closed circuit television and these CCTV cameras can be found in just about any major city in the world today. If you haven’t found any then you likely haven’t been looking. Take a walk to a popular area of town and you will likely see many different CCTV cameras that are being used daily. They can record hallways, streets, and many private areas, where having surveillance might help to keep people safe. But that surveillance also erodes privacy too.

Still, cameras have grown in popularity and the CCTV is one of the most popular today to use for the purposes of security and surveillance. The cameras have grown to become a very important part of security for many countries today. The CCTV cameras have not been around that long but they likely aren’t going anywhere now. They are here to stay and there are millions of them. They might not keep growing at such a rapid rate, now that there are millions. But we can expect to see them for some time yet because there are so many and they do the job they set out to do.