What is a CCTV Kit

Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV kits are security packages which contain everything you’ll need to make your home, property and/or business secure. If you’re purchasing a CCTV kit from a reputable dealer, know that it should include a camera(s), Digital Video Recorder or DVR, cables and any other connectors necessary. You’ll also need a monitor(s) to view the footage in real time.

Digital Video Recorder

A digital video recorder is responsible for both monitoring and recording the footage. CCTV’s run 24/7, and it’s the DVR that will store the footage, so it’s crucial to purchase a CCTV that has the storage capacity you’ll need. The camera captures the footage, where it’s electronically transferred to the DVR’s HDD or Hard Disk Drive, to be viewed later.

Channels and Image Quality

How many channels you have determines how many camera connections you get. If your CCTV kit that comes with one camera, yet has 4 channels, it means you can purchase an additional 3 cameras. TV Lines or TVL represent the camera’s resolution, or image quality. The higher the TVL number, the clearer the image. For example, 700 TVL will produce a clearer image than 420 TVL.

Night Vision and Weather Resistance

Make sure the camera in your kit has both weather resistance and night vision. Cameras with night vision have infrared LED’s to capture footage at night. Your camera should also be weather resistant or weatherproof. You can check this by its IP rating. Cameras with high IP ratings are the best for outside use. Those with low should stay indoors.

Final Thoughts

CCTV kits come in a variety of styles and designs,so it’s crucial to know what you need. Check the specifications for storage capacity, image resolution, night vision capability and weather resistance. The CCTV camera is a basic necessity when it comes to securing both residential and commercial property. CCTV kits will save you money, just know what you need before you shop.