Kayaking mistakes

Not ready for weather conditions
When choosing a canoeing trip we must be prepared for sudden weather changes and we should bring the appropriate clothing with us (vannsport) . Even if getting into a kayak we have a cloudless sky above us, we should pack a sweatshirt and a rain jacket, which we will put in place in the event of bad weather. Also in the evenings, the evenings are cool so if you plan to spend the whole day in a kayak, we can count on the fact that in the evening the temperature may be lower and we need a sweatshirt or a thin fleece.

On a canoeing trip, a headgear is indispensable. During the heat, it will protect us from the unpleasant consequences of sunstroke. We often downplay this eventuality, and despite the appearances of a stroke, it’s not especially difficult to take a canoeing trail through meadows and poorly wooded areas (kajakk) . During worse weather, a hat or a baseball cap will make the streams of rain not flow over our face and flood our eyes.

People who do not have experience in terms of rowing can wear fingerless gloves (eg cycling) that will protect the hands against blisters resulting from excessive squeezing of the paddle rod.

If it is necessary to get out of the kayak into the water, do it always in shoes. The bottom of the river may contain various unpleasant surprises, starting with sharp roots or branches and on

broken bottles ending. Cutation of the foot is very painful, hinders walking and heals poorly under run-off conditions. We will protect ourselves from him by wearing sandals, footwear for water sports or even old sneakers, which we do not regret to wet. At the same time, I advise against flip-flops or flip-flops as they tend to run off.

You should also take cream with an appropriate UV filter and sunglasses to go canoeing (tørrdrakt). Canoeing all day long in a swimsuit or underpants will definitely end in a severe burn. During the strongest solar operation (between 11 o’clock and 14 o’clock), wear a T-shirt or a thin shirt with longer sleeves. A sunny day in a kayak without sunglasses may result in conjunctivitis which is not pleasant.

If you plan a trip with accommodation in tents, we should pack tourist clothes for the evening (sweatshirt, long pants) and light trekking shoes – it will be useful during a trip to wood or walks in the forest and save from cold insects.